Senior citizens playing board game

Building a Kit for Older Adults

DEM BloggerSeptember 5, 2023
Close up of tick on skin

Know Your Ticks

Emily FaySeptember 1, 2023
Refrigerator in supermarket isle with red recall banner

Kiwi Fruit Recall Due to Possible Health Risk

Emily FayAugust 10, 2023
Grocery shelves and recalled items

Mott’s Applesauce Recalled From Kentucky Grocery Stores (And 23 Other States) Due to ‘Patulin’ – What Is It?

Emily FayAugust 2, 2023
Traffic jam of four lane road with lots of cars

I-75 Repaving Underway Between Man O War & Clays Ferry Bridge

Emily FayJuly 14, 2023
Various colored fireworks against black background

Have a Safe July 4th Holiday – Be Careful with Fireworks

Emily FayJune 30, 2023
Fallen tree onto road

After the storms, what’s next?

Emily FayJune 27, 2023
Large collection of tree debris next to road

Team Rubicon Helps With Neighborhood Storm Clean-Up

Emily FayJune 22, 2023
MIssing Person

Golden Alert Canceled for Missing Lexington 16 Year Old

Emily FayJune 11, 2023
View of swimming pool with lots of visitors with a cloudy summer blue sky with shade areas

Be Cool at the Pool – Safety First

Emily FayJune 8, 2023

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