What is the LEXALERTS notification system?

The LEXALERTS notification system allows you to receive important emergency public safety and other public service messages via your mobile phone, tablet, computer and assisted listening devices. The system is able to deliver notifications from Lexington Emergency Management and other city agencies to residents and businesses via telephone, cell phone, text message, and/or email. It will also trigger systems designed to alert persons with hearing, sight or other disabilities.

Why should I sign up for LEXALERTS?

In the past, Lexington Emergency Management received a list of landline or “home” phone numbers and used that list in its notification system. With many people now using cell phones as their primary communication device and not having a standard “home” telephone, it is harder now to notify people of community emergencies. By signing up for LEXALERTS, you’ll get these emergency notifications right away.

In case of a city-wide emergency, how does LEXALERTS work?

In the event of a large-scale emergency, Lexington will identify the location of the incident and then initiate the LEXALERTS notification system. The notification will be issued to residents living in or near the emergency location. Registered businesses in or near the emergency event will also receive the notification. Residents who have signed up will receive the public safety information through the voice, text and/or email communication methods that they selected when they signed up for LEXALERTS.

The LEXALERTS notification system will send the public safety message to the resident’s first choice point of contact (e.g. text, email address, cell phone). Upon receipt of the notification, residents may be requested to confirm that they have received the public safety message. If no confirmation is received, the emergency notification system may continue to attempt to reach residents through the other registered methods of notification until confirmation of receipt.

Lexington encourages residents to register everyone in their family for this important service. Of course, residents will always have the option to remove their contact information in the event that they no longer wish to receive notifications.

Sign up for LEXALERTS here.

Why is signing up important?

In the event of an emergency or significant event, Lexington Emergency Management will access a database of Lexington listed residential and commercial phone numbers in order to initiate an emergency notification. However, the database does not include email addresses, text, cell phone and some Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone numbers. In order to ensure that you will receive emergency notification through your preferred method of contact, we recommend that you register your voice, text, and e-mail contact information.

How do I sign up for LEXALERTS?

Visit BeReadyLexington.com, click on LEXALERTS and sign up.  You’ll create your personal profile. You can also sign up family members and indicate their preferred method of receiving LEXALERTS notifications.

What kind of information can I register in the LEXALERTS notification system?

You can sign up to receive LEXALERTS notifications by any of the following methods:

  • Home phone number
  • Personal cell phones
  • Personal email address
  • Text
  • Work phone number
  • Work cell phone
  • Work email address

Please ensure that you update your contact information (name, address, phone number(s), email address(es)) whenever it is changed. It is important that the registered contact information is up-to-date.

Please note that text messaging charges may apply. Lexington is not responsible for any costs and expenses incurred by subscribers receiving alerts.

What if my phone number, email, or other personal information changes?

The LEXALERTS notification system is only as good as the information you provide. If your contact information changes, you can always visit your profile and update your contact information.

How many times will LEXALERTS try to contact me?

When LEXALERTS is activated, the system will make several attempts to reach registered users according to the contact information they have provided. Due to the nature of the emergency, phone systems including land line and cell service may be inundated with calls and your provider may not be able to deliver the message. We do not assume legal responsibility for technical difficulties which may result in notification failures.

When will the LEXALERTS notification system be used?

This system will be used to notify residents about community-wide threats to health and safety. Lexington will send notifications during emergency situations and disasters. Notifications could also be requests to shelter-in-place or evacuate.

The system may also be utilized to warn residents of developing community-wide threats to health and safety, such as a large-scale flooding event.

Some emergency situations can evolve very rapidly, and there may not be enough time to provide emergency notification. For example, in the event of a spontaneous event such as a traffic accident involving hazardous chemicals, it may not be possible to issue an emergency notification prior to the incident. An emergency notification message may be provided after the event in order to relay public safety messages.

The safety messages will outline steps to ensure personal safety and potentially protect or minimize damage to your property.

Residents can also sign up to get other notifications, such as a public health alerts and Valley View ferry operations.

Sign up for LEXALERTS here.

Will I still get emergency notifications if I do not sign up?

Phone numbers listed in the database of landline service providers will receive a notification without having to sign up. You will not receive a notification by cell phone, text message, or email address unless you register online at BeReadyLexington.com.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the LEXALERTS notification system, please contact LexCall at 859-425-2255 or by email at LEXALERTS@LexingtonKY.gov.

What are the other notifications that are available?

Community Notifications

  • Emergency Major Road Closure – 1 hour or more
  • Missing Person Alert
  • Valley View Ferry operations
  • Community Emergency Drill Alerts


  • Excessive Heat Advisory
  • Local Snow Emergency
  • Winter Weather Warning

Health and Medical

  • Infectious disease alerts
  • Public health alerts
  • Health-related facility closures

Remember, you can call LexCall at (859) 425-2255 for more information about LEXALERTS or send an email to the Division of Emergency Management at LEXALERTS@LexingtonKY.gov.

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