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Scare Safe This Halloween

Emily FayOctober 27, 2023
A group of pumpkins sitting on top of a wooden table. Generative AI.

Halloween Safety Tips

Emily FayOctober 25, 2023
Dog and cat standing on pumpkins dressed for Halloween

Halloween Pet Safety

Emily FayOctober 23, 2023

Do You Know About the Medical ID on iPhones?

Emily FayOctober 20, 2023
Deer peeking over a rock with the words "Antler Alert!" above the deer

Annual ‘Antler Alert’ by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Reminds Drivers of the Hazard Created by Deer on the Move

Emily FayOctober 16, 2023
Person warming their feet near a space heater
Fire Prevention

Fire Officials Give Tips on Staying Safe While Using Space Heaters in Cold Weather

Emily FayOctober 10, 2023
A hand holding a backlit tablet with various icons floating above.

Emergency Systems Specialist Position Available

Emily FayOctober 9, 2023
WEA Alerts

Didn’t Receive the IPAWS Test Alert? This May Be Why.

Emily FayOctober 9, 2023
Outdoor warning sirens against a blue sky with white clouds
Siren Testing

Fayette County Siren Test & IPAWS National Test Today

Emily FayOctober 4, 2023
Preparedness written on a yellow note pad
Be Aware

Seven Ps of Preparedness for Evacuation

Emily FaySeptember 26, 2023

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