Training Notices

Lexington Emergency Management regularly sponsors training for emergency responders and others involved in the staffing of the emergency operations center (EOC).  Training sessions for EOC coordinators take place on the fourth Wednesday of each month – except in July.

Other position specific training classes are held in Lexington, Frankfort and other locations throughout the state.

Here are the latest training notices:

  • G-0290 – Basic Public Information Officer – Lexington, KY
    June 25-26, 8:30am – 5:00pm
    This two-day course will present examples and skill exercises that demonstrate the value of effective communications with internal and external audiences before, during and after an incident.  This course will assist the PIO in identifying and targeting important audiences and providing them with correct information in a timely manner.Read the G-0290 Course DescriptionRegister for the G-0290 Course
  • G-0291 – Joint Information System Operations/Joint Information Center Planning for PIOs – Lexington, KY
    June 27, 8:30am – 5:00pm
    This one-day course will outline and explain the benefits of the Joint Information System (JIS) during an emergency or critical event. It will provide examples of the roles, responsibilities and tasks for the PIO within the JIS and how to organize information flow and dissemination. The course will demonstrate the benefits of the Joint Information Center.Read the G-0291 Course DescriptionRegister for the G-0291Course

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